Registering/ Paying for your Use of our Software

Charges for registering your use of our software are based on the number of computers on which it is installed and are detailed on the registration forms which customers are requested to complete. Prices are quoted in US dollars, EUROs and Sterling. Customers outside the US or European Union are requested to convert the US dollar prices to the equivalent amount in their local currency.

Please use the appropriate order form.

Tardis order form (US $ Prices) LogLady order form (US $ Prices)
Tardis order form ( Sterling Prices) LogLady order form ( Sterling Prices)
Tardis order form (EURO Prices) LogLady order form (EURO Prices)
K9 order form (US $ Prices) Dalek order form (US $ Prices)
K9 order form ( Sterling Prices) Dalek order form ( Sterling Prices)
K9 order form (EURO Prices) Dalek order form (EURO Prices)

Credit Card Payments

We have an arrangement with US distributor Register Now! who provide on-line credit card registration. We do not handle credit card payments directly, so please do not send us your credit card details.

To register via Register Now!, click on the relevant  link

Tardis 2000
Tardis 2000 NT
Tardis 2000 Corporate License
K9 Corporate License

Please note that Register Now! do not normally handle orders for Source Code. If you wish to order this and it is essential that you pay by credit card, please contact us at so we can make special arrangements with Register Now!

Pay Us Directly

There are two ways to pay us directly for registration:

1) By cheque payable to HC Mingham-Smith Limited. Please post to the following address:

HC Mingham-Smith Limited
33 Arthur Rd.
Berkshire RG41 2SS

2) By Bank Transfer

If you would prefer to pay by this method, please contact us on the following e-mail address to request bank account details.

e-mail address:


If your company requires an invoice before sending payment, please e-mail us at or post your purchase order to the above address.

Please note that receipts and licenses are normally sent via e-mail. If you require a receipt/license to be sent by post, please request this when registering.